Wednesday, March 17, 2010

First seedling of the season

This blogging thing is new to me so I really do not know how often I will post. My plan right now is at least once or twice a week to talk about a seedling. What I like about it, how I am using it, if it has kids that are blooming, etc. My lilies are probably a good two months from blooming so leading up to that moment I am go to review seedlings have been evaluating for the past few years.

The pictured seedling is one I am really excited about. The cross is FORESTLAKE RAGAMUFFIN X [(EDGE OF HEAVEN X CLOTHED IN GLORY) X (ARABIAN MAGIC X CLOTHED IN GLORY)] I have a picture of the seedling parent that I will probably discuss in another post. The thing I like most about this flower is the edge. One because it is tooty but mainly because it always looks that way. No heat necessary that edge is always there. In my garden in the middle of KY a lot of "toothy" plants are hit or miss, not this one. You cannot really tell from the picture but the edge is almost a double edge because the outer portion is yellow but the inner edge appears to have a strong greenish tinge to it.

It does of course have its flaws. From what I can tell the bud count is probably around 12 and at best it is an average increaser and the branching is not great. It is not very tall either with the bloom sitting right above the foliage. However one cross I am making this year is to a sib. The sib does not have this edge but improves on the plant in all the areas mentioned. It about twice as tall so my hope is to get a slightly taller better branched flower and retain the edge. I should have some seedlings from other crosses with this plant bloominh this summer so that should give me an idea if passes along that edge or not.


  1. Hi there...I found you via the Robin and wanted to wish you well with your blog. It's great fun and you'll meet lots of interesting folks!

    It's a terrific way to journal and you get the added benefit of pictures...I find I often look back at things on mine and am so glad they're there.

    Anyway, all the best! It'll be neat to read about and see your seedlings.

  2. My first comment, how exciting!!! I had not even thought about it in the journal sense and that I can look back at my posts later.

  3. Un régal ce Blog !
    Toute en Amour pour ses belles Hémérocalles!
    Intéressant tout çà !