Sunday, July 11, 2010

back from the break

Once the flowers started blooming blogging was the last thing on my mind.  Now that bloom is winding down I wanted to quickly share two seedlings that have bloomed for the first time this summer.  I really like the coloring on this one even though I am not normally drawn to this color range.  It appears to very sunfast with good substance. The edge is consistent which I like as the edge on some of the "toothy" daylilies I have purchased comes and goes.  The color is a little off because this was taken in full sun but is pretty close to what the flower looks like every day.

This seedling is from the same cross as the previous seedling.  I will probably only keep one of these and it will most likely be the first one.  They both bloom late so I still have several weeks to decide.

This is also a first year bloom seedling and I do not think my blurry picture really does the deep color and edge justice.  I included a second picture so you can see what the edge does closer to the end of the petal.